Tuesday, September 4

Marie Curie - Living History Show

I have the very special opportunity to host Denver Story-Teller Susan Marie Fronzak at my home in Belmont on October 17th at 2:30.  Susan will be presenting her one-woman show about Marie Currie.  Her show is one of the best examples of Living History I have experienced.  She's a fantastic story-teller and performer and her research on Marie Curie is deep and compelling.  I highly recommend joining us if you are able.

Here are the details:
Date: Mon Oct 17th
Time: 2:30 (come between 2 and 2:15 if possible)
Location: Chez Betts-LaCroix in Belmont (about 5 minutes from the 92/Ralston, Hillsdale/101 and Ralston/101; detailed directions will be sent to registered attendees)
Cost: $15 per person plus $10 per additional family member
Recommended for: people who can enjoy an intimate performance of 1-1.5 hours (and hopefully contribute compelling questions for the Q&A), Most appropriate for Adults, teens, and children 7+.

Here is more information about the show and about Susan:
Likely the most famous woman scientist, Madame Marie Curie (née Maria Skłodowska) — changed the world in which we live through her discovery of radium and radioactivity. Through collaboration with the medical community the Curies discovered and established the first successful radiation treatments of cancer. Simply through her own passion and perseverance, MarieCurie opened the doors of science to women world wide.This program honors a preeminent woman of science, the ethic of scientific altruism and Marie Currie, the wife and mother.
Here is a link to her Marie Currie show blurb:

TO REGISTER: Please send paypal topaypal@platicus.com (Personal, Gift) and fill out the form, either below or online.  Then mark your calendars and look for driving directions from me by Oct 14th.  -Lisa

Note: If you'd really like to come and cost is an issue for you please do contact me at bettslacroix@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do.  


If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Marie Curie Attendees

I have space for about 40 people to attend this very special event. Please keep in mind the recommended age of 7 and up. We are homeschoolers so this is not hard and fast. If you have a 5 or 6 year old who you're sure can maintain focus for that length of time then we'll leave that to your discretion. Please pay for all attendees as we don't have room for siblings. Your spot will be help based upon receipt of paypal to paypal@platicus.com (please note as Personal and Gift so that I don't get charged fees). A notation that your payment is for Marie Currie would be helpful too.

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