Saturday, September 15

Quantified Self Conference 2012

My Notes and Inspiration from the Quantified Self Conference 2012

Considering trying adding just one behavioral change to my weight tracking, ie. HIT protocol as outlined by Max Peto in his talk at Health Extension meeting September 13th.

Considering butter and coconut oil experiments...not sure of the details but would like to track cognitive function.

I'm noticing a theme this year having to do with tracking loved ones.  Consider having Kai track something personal for the purpose of increasing self-awareness.

Would really like to do some cognitive tracking and explore the connection between Quantified Mind and learning/education.

Things I wonder; What's the connection between:
sleep and brain functionality
cholesterol and butter
weight and butter intake
coconut oil and functionality

I'm considering, after talking with Josh Whiton doing a simple addition to my current base line of weight tracking the following simple behavior protocol:

1) one tea or coffee drink with 3 tablespoons of butter
2) tracking my food intake only on days when I can weight and measure and track exactly what I eat with Crono-meter

Then consider adding variables in 2 weeks stages.  Possibilities:
-dietary changes


After hearing Ariel Berwaldt's talk "To Sleep Perchance to REM" I've become more interested in actually exploring my Zeo sleep data from the perspective of isolating the Deep Sleep measure.  Ariel data interpretation seems to suggest that good deep sleep correlates with stronger cognitive function as measured by Brain Workshop Dual N-Back


So far Crono-meter looks awesome!  And I can link it with my most data dense tools, my Withings Body scale.

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