Thursday, December 21

Thinking of "Homeschooling"? Want my input? Here's a START...

I get asked about homeschooling a LOT.  Friends and friends-of-friends who are thinking they might be interested want to know if they should do it, where to begin, what's involved, what it's like.  That's because I've independently educated my kids for the past 10 years, I'm the co-founder of very large network of 400+ families educating kids in the SF Bay area outside of brick-and-mortar school. I've been featured in Wired Magazine, CBS News and other publications about the future of Independent Learning in Silicon Valley. I also speak, write and PODCAST about the future of learning, meta-learning skills, giftedness, life-long learning and other related topics.

I LOVE talking with people about the incredible options, the freedom of the lifestyle, the agency and freedom independent education offers. So I almost always say, yes, I'm happy to let you pick my brain. But it's pretty filled right now and I'm feeling over-subscribed on commitments, so I'll generally get people started with this collection of posts, which I consider to be a reasonable good starting point.  

After you've read this, ping me and I'm happy to answer specifics.

In case you find yourself dealing with this (2005):

Blogpost from 2012: What Independent Learners Know

How I see the Future of Education (2012): 

How We Came to Homeschooling

How I see the future of Learning circa Jan 2013: 

Blog Post on local resources though (mostly aimed at older kids): 

Help for people organizing classes which is what Homeschooling actually looks like in the Bay Area:

A future vision: What happens sometimes when you freak out because you've taken responsibility for your kids learning:

When you settle down again:

One of the greatest benefits of Independent Learning is the ability to learn through travel:

Some of what I'm thinking about in terms of Meta-pedagogy

How I see the future of learning evolving (2016):

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