Thursday, December 24

Sample Code of Conduct for use by Organizers of Classes

Our goal is to create an enjoyable and safe atmosphere, and to ensure positive behavior among the children. For this reason, please recognize that this group includes a variety of ages, parenting philosophies, religions, cultures, races, and more.
Please help us ensure that the following guidelines for participation are respected, so that everyone can have a dynamic experience.
Ideally, student participants take responsibility for their own adherence to the Code of Conduct; if this is not possible due to age, maturity or special circumstance, parents should help to ensure that the following guidelines are met.
1. Please be on time.
2. To avoid the spread of illness, avoid attending if you are contagious.
Non-judgment and mutual respect provide the foundation for learning together.
We believe in making every student welcome and encourage you to practice sensitivity to others at all times. Try to see things through the eyes of others and make everyone feel welcome and important.
No profanity, including insulting or derisive language.
Conflict Resolution
When learning in groups, it is common for differences in opinion to arise, and occasionally conflict occurs. We recognize this as a natural part of the learning cycle and an opportunity for a group to grow stronger.
Here are some guidelines for resolving conflict:
1) Resolve conflict only when participants are no longer angry
2) Participants are encouraged to let a facilitator know if they need some "cool down" time
3) When communicating about a conflict, we encourage participants to focus on how they felt and what they need in the situation
4) We will help participants work toward a win-win solution where everyone feels good about the methods chosen to resolve conflict
Respect for location and materials
Our motto, “Leave this place better than you found it,” refers both to the effect the program has on each student and the effect each student has on the program. Before leaving the location, please do one task to help put the space back in order.
If inappropriate or dangerous behavior is observed, parents of the children involved will be informed. If the parents are unavailable or if the behavior is immediately dangerous, inappropriate behaviors will be corrected and redirected. If the child is disruptive to the group, s/he should be quietly and gently removed from the group, and allowed to try again at another time.
Some families have special diets, or food allergies. Please check parents before offering food to a child.
* This is an example; please edit to meet the needs of your classes.

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