Friday, October 23

Open Brainstorming Session on "What Lisa might do next"

Please pretend that you're a friend or someone who might otherwise be willing to take five or ten minutes to help me think about future possibilities.

If I were to tell you the following about my Values, Skills, Interests and Personality, what future possibilities come to mind? Please consider the time frame to be anytime starting from tomorrow going through to the next ten years. :)

This is a brainstorm so, any and all ideas and contributions are greatly appreciated!!

Values: Connection, Community, Acknowledgment, Leadership, Learning

Skills: leading, creating, exploring, initiating, research, speaking, writing

Interests: growth/change, ideas, writing, people, EQ, interpersonal communication, progressive education

From the person who created a surveymonkey survey to help name her second child. :)


  1. By possibilities, do you mean a future direction in life, a sort of career perhaps?

    What comes to mind from your list and also from having had the pleasure of meeting you is that you would be an awesome mentor/ facilitator/ confidence booster to kids who need a voice, be it neuro nontypical or neuro typical kids. If direct mentorship is not your thing, how about setting up an online mentorship program?

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind :) And thank you for dropping by 'my place' earlier :)

    I think your 2nd child's name is simply's a very poetic, sweet name and yet powerful in meaning too!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Having known you for a while now, I would say you are the person who would do best as a 'creator' or 'leader' of and directing a group or community towards a common goal. You are extremely good with children, no doubt. But personally, I believe you will do great as a 'changing force' to women who need a leader. And you love to learn and get excited about new experiences. So, leading a group or team or organization would be such a rewarding experience not only for you but also for the team/organization as well as for the lives they would be touching n return. How is that for a total prediction of who you are and who you could be?:)

    I know Suji meant an online mentor program. But quite frankly, knowing what and how I know you, you love the energy you get from meeting the right people from all walks of life and various experiences and backgrounds they bring to the you will have to be in direct connections with folks like yourself..who have ambitions, love changes, and thrive in new experiences...Am I right?

    I see schools, community of sorts, education, counseling, tech/education/communication in your future, Lisa.

    Awesome brainstorming session, btw, something I should do for myself. I feel my brain is totally 'laundered' as of now:) I enjoyed doing it, especially staying awake having to kill time missing dh who is traveling:)

    Oh btw, you atleast set up surveymonkey for your dd's name, which is lovely. I knew another French woman whose kid was also named so in my grad school years. In our case, we scrambled through final three pages of boy's names print out, the very last minute before I was discharged of the hospital after a nasty c-section. My boy was named kind of in a hurry, but aptly.....he was born in 'dawn' and that is what my boy's name means in Sanskrit:)

  3. [your husband on your computer late at night:] If you were to link to this post on your FB status, you'd probably get additional suggestions...

  4. Well, you could work with me to help non-profits operate better :-).

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Subadra. I love how we all cross polinnate in so many different ways, on different topics and through a great variety of venues. :)

    Yes, I think you are right that I do need and thrive on personal face-to-face connection. Still I feel that in order to be as increasingly self-directed as is needed, education is going to have to become more available in terms of time and distance, so computers, online and distance learning needs seem inevitable. It's a quandary.

  6. Could you start up a think-tank for the President, please?