Saturday, September 27

Couric interviews Palin

Before the interview, here's what Jon Friedman of Marketwatch said about the potential:

"With no disrespect to any of the other television networks or anchors, I can't wait to see Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin. It will feature two accomplished women talking to each other on national television.

If Couric could get Palin to offer thought-provoking answers to her questions, she'd go a long way toward finally erasing the media's ever-present "perky" characterization of her. The quality of her work should speak for itself.

Palin […] will have an agenda, too. Palin will hope to show viewers that she has the gravitas to run the country someday."With no personal commentary, here's part of the result. Please judge for yourself; Is this the person you want as the potential next president of the US? (Do watch to the end, though, at which point Palin says "I'll try to find some [examples of John McCain pushing for more regulation] and I'll bring 'em to ya".)

The 5:35 minute You Tube clip

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