Tuesday, February 19

How to break into acting - The Basics

Because of my past life as film and tv actor, I get asked fairly regularly how to get started in film and television and more so now since I began teaching acting classes at L.E.A.D. and through Destination Imagination. While there's a lot more to say on the topic, here are the first six points that pop into my head:

1) keep taking classes; professional actors study continuously

2) get involved in productions, amateur or community theater is great experience

3) get photos and resumes done and submit them to the local agents (but be VERY wary of getting involved with the companies who do it all; ie. charge you for pics, training etc and say they will be your agent. While some people get some experience through such "agencies" for the most part these are a waste of time and money. Reputable agents do not charge you upfront they just take a percentage of the work the actor books - usually 15%)

4) understand that the job comes with a lot of rejection and be ready to be philosophical about the many, many times you/they do not get the part knowing that you'll be rejected much more often than accepted.

5) find and develop specialties that will make you stand out and be distinct. These can include special talents and/or marketing yourself for particular types of roles

6) be tenacious.

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