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Launch Education and Kids in Mountainview (June 2013)

1) best platform to launch company
2) connecting companies with angel investors

Serving the entrepreneurial community and "[their] own curiosity".  They put a lot of work into curating 30 companies out of 300 initial "applicants" and nominees. Microsoft and Bing are the biggest supporters (space).

People and things to check out:

Learning tools to check out:
(reading apps) by Polish company Chufcha

For schools:
Class Dojo

Companies presenting:
Gamification of music learning
Piano Dustbuster
Reading together app with an expanding library (3rd party publishers and authors) and will add video that they can interact on.

Always prepped
(connect with this guy re: independent educators being testers since we are further ahead of schools on using apps).

Alternative to Collaborate type systems
Innovative; worth a look for Disrupt_Ed.

Penyo Pal
Iphone app available now (from Canada) for learning Chinese

Teaching coding, ruby,
Looks like a really interesting way to learn to code (interactive, lectures, output, easy user-interface).

French book on Kno:

Creative interactive ideas for parents and kids (explore with Soleil), based on Emilio Regio, imagination.  Solves the problem: "What can I do with my kids tonight".
Interested in meeting customers and testing with kids.
Storytelling tool.  "Grow with me"...I like that.  Drops off at 13.  Why?  Too cool?
Monkeygram is a messaging platform which can be sent out by texts.
Check out for Soleil storytelling.


Day 2


Study Egg
Support for studying and organizing content


Eduvant provides user-friendly tools that allow school leaders, administrators, and educators to better leverage data to inform the decisions they make everyday. We make it really simple to get your hands on the right data when you need it.
A school support...leaving feedback to someone interested in that space.

No real application for autodidacts or independent learners

This company is pretty far along compared to many of the other ones.  I'm looks like it's worked

Session 4

SmalLab Learning
-classroom model is antiquated, trying to integrate kinesethic with conceptual.  (Seems not very physically accurate)
-Flow works with Kinect (uses whiteboard), $495 with one year subscription,
-would explore for direct to consumer market
-20 pieces of content, 3rd party, existing companies, $3000 prof dev for schools,

-very interesting, is it applicable for outside of the classroom?
-takes some of the benefits of distance learning to the classroom

Polish company
Check out for Soleil, looks interesting
Business model:
Connected mom



Session 5

Teacher focused.  Grades tests.

about 5 questions to adapt to student learning need
Not an impressive demo but worth exploring as a free SAT prep

Expensive iPhone app to help people prepare for the bar exam


Motion Math
-check it out for Soleil (Kaizen's idea is that sometimes learning games just make you good at the learning game and may not be transferable)

Overal Themes
$.50 per minute
Really nice solution to the "community", mentoring, connection issue.  Nice parallel between this and online learning.  Content+Community+Credentially=21st century learning
Also like the on-demand nature which makes it more applicable and relevant.
Taskrabbit for tutoring

-make the help students look at data and share the data with other schools.
-messaging problem.  need to emphasize citizen science component.

-language learning for Spanish and English only

Teacher professional development and learning
Online coaching and goal setting
Shared best content for teachers to share with each other and track with online platform.

-modularized learning.  Resources from subject matter experts.
Seems to have a signaling component showing competency; has a competency check in place
Online version of Skillshare in the trading of skills element

Demopit Pad
-school focused.

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