Monday, September 28


Leadership is more than assigning tasks.  Rather, great leaders bring people together in pursuit of a common goal or intent.  Some thoughts on the characteristics leaders can nurture in themselves and others (how Meta is that?):

  • Integrity: I consider Integrity to be when what you say matches what you do.  A person of integrity can be trusted and people are more likely to confide in, follow and support a person they trust to be true to their word. 

  • Courage: Sometimes being courageous means doing what is hard, saying what is unpopular or simply being first.  Other people will find more courage inside themselves when they see it modeled.  

  • Commitment: Follow-through!!!

  • Generosity: A great leader cares about others and goes out on a limb to listen, support and serve the goals and dreams of another.  The irony is that helping others often ends up with the biggest gift of all going to the giver.  The best leaders understand and model this principle.  The greater your ability to care and contribute to people, the more effective you'll be and the more you'll reap the benefits. 

This post started with a Leadership Skills focus, but the same can be generalized to Nurturing Qualities for Effectiveness.  

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