Monday, November 11

Building My Domain Specific Advisory Team - Are You In?

One area for growth I’m looking at is the ability and inclination to ask for help.  I’m really quite poor at and I’d like to change that.  Ironically I LOVE to be asked for help and so it seems that if I get better at it, not only will my life improve but it will give others in my extended friendship network the implicit permission to ask me (and others too) for help, which means WE ALL WIN!

Here’s my idea.  I’ve always liked the idea of a Personal Board of Advisors but I want to ensure that mine is specific and sustainable.  That means I’m making a list of the types of support I know I might need.  My goal is to have a number of people who agree to be on my team in the area(s) most appropriate for them. 

If you volunteer yourself --or agree to my request-- then you can expect to occasionally hear from me with a very specific “ask” that is designed to take no more than 8 minutes of your time.  I absolutely promise!  Then you choose to offer a response by phone, email or Google Hangout as best suits you.   For those 8 minutes I will be an attentive listener/student and will deeply consider your thoughts on the issue at hand. 

I could (and will) ask people I know who fit these categories but I’m kind of excited by the idea that others in my extended network might have willingness and skills to share with me in ways I’m might not yet know. 

My Domain Specific Advisors

Writing and Publishing:  I have so many friends who have already written and published books.  My requests on this will likely be logistical.  If I know you’ve completed a book I might ask you anyway but if you’re explicitly willing to play with me here, YAY!

Technology:  If you’re generally good at tech and might be able to answer one-pointed questions related to Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook, Google Air and other new technology, all of which I love (but can be a little slow to grok) then super sweet! And thanks in advance!

Social Media Advice: I might throw out a request for ideas, brainstorming or a technical query on utilizing this specific technology area and knowing who feels super strong in this area would be really helpful.

Parenting Advice:  Ideally teenagers and young adults for this one!  My requests will likely be for your thoughts on a particular topic or input on how you would have liked your parents to support you vis a vis the issue at hand. 

Loving and Empathy:  There are special people who really have loving kindness down, or who are in a deep process with it like me.  If this is a special area of skill or interest for you then I might ask for input or thoughts when I’m struggling with a relationship or communication issue or need a reminder for self-empathy.  If you’re someone with NVC training, or other specific tools, wonderful. 

Mindfulness (especially for addressing stress and anxiety):  I know there are others who struggle with this and some of you have found good tools for mitigating stress.  I might ask for a reminder or for suggestions on tools. 

Getting Things Done (GTD):  You’re super organized and have tools you can articulate for those times I get frustrated with chaos related to time, space or things.  I will most likely ask for insight into what you do that works related to a specific challenge.  (Cathy, Tiago, ?)

Accountability Team: When I want someone to hold me accountable to something specific I will send out an email will a specific goal, obstacle or habit I’m trying to complete.  It will be specific and time bound and I will ask you to hold me accountable by checking back with me at a certain time. 

General Cheerleading Advisory:  This one if for friends who really like and believe in me and who are willing to be a voice for those times I get frustrated or discouraged.  I might just sent a request for a happy thought, a funny video, keep-on-keeping-on encouragement or I believe-in-your support.   (Susan)

OTHER: Is there an area of improvement or support that I’ve forgotten about or don’t even know I need and which you’d be willing to support in this way?  I’m open…

If you’re willing to be on my DSA Team then please direct message me on Facebook with your domain(s) and best email or other way to contact you.  And THANK YOU in advance.

Finally, where do you need support?  And why don’t you do this too?  I’ll sign up where I’m able!  Let’s get better together!

UPDATE: After posting this on Facebook, I received so many offers of domain specific support that I felt utter gratitude and deep support.  I'm super grateful and I look forward to utilizing the wisdom offered.  Yet, the offers of support alone have already made an enormous difference.  Thank you, thank you!  It's amazing how actions, small and large can truly change the world, one small piece at a time.  

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